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Gen Y Conversations: like you know…



Is this type of speech diminishing the credibility of your employees and therefore impacting your business: “He goes….we should be literally on budget and stuff….and so I go….I totally agree and stuff”?

1) Do your employees use these words: totally, like, literally, sorta, kinda, whatever? (These words are un-substantive and diminish the credibility of the Speaker.)

2) Do your employees use these phrases: and stuff, you know, for sure, for real? (These phrases interrupt the attention of the Speaker’s audience.)

3) Do your employees end sentences with “up-speak”? (Gen Y employees tend to fall into ending every sentence with “up-speak” which appears to the Listener to always be a question, rather than a statement. This type of detrimental speech pattern is also commonly referred to as “Valley-Talk.”)

No business conversation is without a consequence. Often in informal and formal business settings Gen Y employees tend to fall into speech patterns that diminish their credibility with their co-workers, superiors, clients, and potential clients. These non-productive words and detrimental speech patterns are habitual and said without any awareness of their use on the part of the Speaker.

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